Your WhatsApp group will never ask for money again

Have you ever been asked to contribute money in a chat group?

Many people do not have the economy to handle unexpected expenses such as injury, sickness, or death in the family. So, when the unexcepted happens they lean on their social network. On many occasions, this means reaching out to their chat groups and asking for contributions.

In countries like Kenya, this is a very common situation. And because most people don’t have any kind of health- or life insurance, it can become a problem. When everyone you are close to is uninsured, you will have to give a lot of contributions every year. This will hurt your wallet and make you even less prepared when something happens in your family.

DDFinance wants to solve this problem. That’s why we are launching our group insurance for chat groups. With our Ukoo Insurance everyone in your chat group – and their families – are covered. So, whenever an insured person passes on or ends up in the hospital – they get money from us – and the family don’t need to ask the group for cash to get by.

The Ukoo Life and Hospital cash starts at KES 1,300 per year – and this amount covers a nuclear family of six. Read more about our insurance products here.

Send it to your chat-group and get covered!

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