Hope to the community

DDFinance Kenya asked their customers how they find the Collective-Based Insurance (CBI) products. One Saving Group leader in Embu answered this: You are giving Hope to the community. We never knew Insurance would come to people like us, and we trust it because you paid out one of the clients who lost her son.  From her […]
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The Trust and Reputation Network Initiative

Why? When John Donne, the English poet and cleric, proclaimed that ‘no man is an island’, he also reflected the Ubuntu principle of ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. The collective and contingent nature of life in 16th century England is analogous to the present day experience of the financially/socially […]
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Partnering with NOREC – Employee Interview

In 2020, DDFinance entered into a collaboration with NOREC, and has through the NOREC exchange program hired six employees; Christine, Anders and Khaled from Norway, Daniel and Eugene from Kenya, and Bernhard from Ghana. NOREC (The Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation) is an executive body under the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim is […]
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