Digitizing Informal Trust and Reputation

Our Vision: To Strengthen Resilience Among Low-Income Households

Built as a Pan-African B2B2C franchise business case, DataDrivenFinance AS (DDFinance) scales digital, low-cost national insurance marketplaces and distribution systems in developing countries.

DDFinance is a Norwegian insurance and automation specialist, established to enable low-cost insurance for the uninsured low-income populations globally. 

Kenya is our first country of operations. Together with our daughter company, DDFinance Kenya, we have innovated, developed, and piloted Collective Based-Insurance (CBI). 

CBI is built on digitizing informal trust and reputation within collectives.

Today DDFinance Kenya operates a fully digital insurance market system in Kenya. 

Nudging the Insurance Industry

The market system connects local insurance companies’ capacity to underwrite and carry risks directly with low-income consumers. Based on digital low-cost insurance workflows, the market system allows for profitable insurance products at very low premium levels.

At its core the market system is managed on our Insurance Network Service (INS) platform, guaranteeing availability, scalability, and compliance with the most demanding data security standards.

DDFinance leverages the opportunity that innovation and technology present and contributes towards digitizing and automating the insurance industry. This enables creation of competitive and balanced national formal insurance markets to evolve, to finally include also the uninsured majority populations in developing markets.

DDFinance is a Norwegian and Kenyan Fintech

After realizing that 3 billion people globally live without insurance cover, DDFinance was established in 2015 by Norwegian and Canadian entrepreneurs in close collaboration with central players in the Kenyan insurance industry.

This dire market failure exposes people with low income to falling (back) into poverty following an unforeseen event. Today our core team consists of 14 seasoned entrepreneurs, social scientists, experienced insurance practitioners, and multiplatform technology specialists, all united in our belief for better health, more well-being – and less poverty among vulnerable populations.


We draw on our global network to assemble a team of experts.

DDFinance AS

Jan-Martin Hunderi

CEO & Founder

Henni Ann Aasen

COO & Co-founder

Børge Mikal Bendiksen

CTO Technical Manager

DDFinance Kenya

Grace Wambui

Grace Wambui

Product Manager

Wanjiku Karanja

Distribution Manager

Mercy Njagi

Training and Customer Specialist

DDFinance Canada


Brian Campell

Machine Learning Manager & Co-founder

NOREC Participants


Daniel Gitau

Software Developer

Sarfo Twumasi Bernard

Software Developer
Pretorious Ndung'u

Pretorious Ndung'u

Software Developer

Anders Midttveit Hjellum

International Relations

Bjarte Kvellestad

Business Developer

David Danquah

Marketing Specialist