Meet Mercy, a Financially Empowered Group Member

It can happen to anyone. Unexpected events like hospitalization or death can strike any family, leaving them in financial distress, not knowing where to start raising funds to cover the bills, especially with no income generated from the daily revenue activities of the breadwinner. Fortunately, Mercy, a member of a self-help group, had insured her family. When tragedy hit, and thanks to the end-to-end claims handling functionality in IPaaS, she received a cash benefit within 24 hours of submitting her claim details.

DDFinance’s claims handling functionality in IPaaS solution, is built on a flexible workflow, dashboard, and role design. The platform uses analytics to detect fraud, assess risk, and expedite claims processing, thereby reducing operational costs and improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, our call center conducts thorough investigations to ensure claims are processed accurately and efficiently therefore benefitting your customers who promptly receive their benefits and enhancing their satisfaction with your services.

Streamline Your Organization’s Claims Process

What if unhappy customers and regulatory threats of fines for delayed claim handling were no longer the dreaded KPIs in your business processes? What if you had a solution that eliminated the fear of customer complaints and audit failures?

We are excited to introduce our IPaaS solution for digital claims handling, designed and built specifically for insurance companies and financial institutions.

Customize, Integrate, and Scale Effortlessly

The DDFinance IPaaS digital solution is built for quick implementation and integration into existing platforms, with mobile technology in mind and numerous features readily available.

Designed for insurance companies, fintech firms, and financial institutions like banks, microfinance institutions, cooperative unions, and self-help groups (Chamas), our IPaaS solution offers seamless API integration and white-labelling capabilities. This empowers your business to redefine microinsurance services.

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