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DDFinance leverages cutting-edge digital technology – IPaaS to seamlessly deliver affordable micro-insurance to low-income families.

Revolutionizing protection, we’re making insurance effortless and accessible for all.

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Who Gets Access to our IPaaS?

Boosts revenues for insurance companies from hard-to-reach mass markets previously not served with insurance.

Expand the product portfolio by seamlessly integrating insurance services. This attracts a broader customer base and enhances customer loyalty. 

The provision of insurance products to customers provides a safety net against various risks, such as health issues or other unforeseen events. This can enhance the financial resilience of microfinance clients.

It provides a wider range of financial services, including insurance, which can increase customer retention. Customers are more likely to stay with a bank that meets more of their financial needs.

Contributes to risk mitigation for both individual members and the cooperative. This includes protection against health-related expenses and other unforeseen events, reducing the financial burden on members and the cooperative.

Offer financial security to members and their families during illness, injury, or death, relieving concerns about medical expenses or income loss. This enables members to concentrate on recovery or sustaining their lifestyle without financial strain.