Working with

DDFinance works with, a Danish FinTech. We even share an office with some of their staff. We had a quick chat with Bridgit from, check it out!


  1. Who are you and what role do you have for

-My name is Bridgit Nyagah and I’m the Training and User specialist – consultant, for -Kenya


  1. Who is and what do they do?

– is a free digital tool built to empower saving communities by optimizing transparent, accurate, and efficient record-keeping and promoting their economic growth through linking them with potential FSPs and MFIs with a social mission, with services such as insurance products to safeguard their future and business loans to improve their livelihood.


  1. How does relate to DDFinance?

-Both are driven by a social mission to empower low-income communities. is keen on promoting the economic growth of our users through linking them with services such as insurance products to safeguard their future. As such we have partnered with DDFinance Kenya to bring this into reality to our users.


  1. How does DDFinance and work together?

-Well, identifies and digitizes saving groups(we refer to them as chamas in Kenya), and then links them to DDFinance  products as value addition to safeguard their future and that of their households, in case of the unfortunate event of hospitalization or loss of life.


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