Plug and Play Platform

The IPaaS is built to be integrated easily into all customer platforms with mobile technology in mind and numerous features readily available

Digital training of Agents and Customers

A learning management system (LMS) is included in IPaaS where agents and customers gain knowledge by completing courses on the pre-underwritten products. This replaces or reduces physical training of agents and customers.

Customer Onboarding

Automatically validate customer-provided data against national databases to ensure accuracy,  Implement a system for automatically generating unique policy numbers, efficiently and securely collect insurance premiums from policyholders and. automate the decision-making process based on predefined rules and risk model.

Instant payment of commission to agents and distribution channels

IPaaS is seamless and performs all administrative functions in a single system which includes the ability of the system being able to auto calculate commissions, followed by disbursement to either partner accounts or to individual agents.

Customer Support Center

We provide a state-of-the-art scalable contact centre which includes answering customer queries and providing information on products and services.

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We would love to demonstrate how easy it is to launch digital insurance products with us wherever you are.
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