Trainers and Jobs

  • Our innovation enables setting up multiple national greenfield low-cost national insurance market systems, with millions of users and thousands of formal jobs created – this is scale at its best. The innovation is mobile phone driven, a domain of young people. 
  • A one-year pilot completed in Kenya, proved that young female and male trainers – despite their age – earned the respect of the elders through the ease of how the young trainers applied technology tools in teaching the elders.
  • The innovation creates local language call-centre jobs, ideal for people with physical disabilities. Working as a trainer diversifies risks and secures more predictable income streams for the trainer.
  • Working as a trainer or call-centre operator can provide a shift transforming from the informal sector to the formal sector and an opportunity to earn stable and higher incomes.
  • More people entering the formal sector, increase mandatory employer contributions towards insurance and pensions and create better employment conditions.