Life and Hospital Cash

Currently, DDFinance Kenya provides a combined Life- and Hospital Cash product. The lowest annual premium of KSH 170  (US$ 1.50) provides customers with KSH 500 (US$ 4.50) – per day when hospitalized and KSH 10,000 (US$ 90) in case of death. The customer/beneficiary receives payouts directly on their phone/mobile money account and decides themself how to best spend the money.

In case of hospitalization, the pay-out might replace a certain amount of lost income, so the family has money for food and payment of school fees. If the main income earner passes on, an amount of money can give a family economical help when experiencing a shock.

DDFinance Kenya addresses the key risks and needs in the Kenyan low-income population

Risk related to the main income earner passing on
Risk related to the costs of Hospitalization
Risk related to fire in residence
Risk related to expenses of Outpatient care