Collective-Based Insurance

DDFinance AS has innovated and commands category leadership of Collective-Based Insurance (CBI), built on digitizing informal trust and reputation within groups.

People know who to trust in their personal networks. Within groups, the collective mindset is based on trust and social reputation, where the group context provides strong individual incentives for consistent trustworthy behaviour. From this simple observation, DDFinance has developed Collective-Based Insurance, a key concept not previously applied in the insurance industry. By digitizing trust and reputation within low-income groups, the costly process of deciding on paying out or not, on a claim from a customer, can be outsourced to the groups. This way 80% of the insurance workflow-costs can be saved and affordable low-cost health insurance can be offered also to people working in the informal economy.

DDFinance Kenya digitizes and captures existing trust and reputational insights (data and information), of and between people in groups, through insurance product lifecycle interactions.

The DDFinance Kenya CBI products are tailored to the low-income segment via simple USSD (or smart) phones.

The customer journey is designed to be simple and easy to understand for those with less digital experience. Every customer is trained in risk management and the CBI concept.