A Pan-African B2B2C

Built as a Pan-African B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer) franchise business case, DataDrivenFinance AS (DDFinance) scales digital, low-cost insurance marketplaces, and distribution systems in developing countries.

People know who to trust in their personal networks. Within groups, the collective mindset is based on trust and social reputation, where the group context provides strong individual incentives for consistent, trustworthy behaviour. From this simple observation, DDFinance has developed Collective-Based Insurance (CBI), a key concept not previously applied in the insurance industry.

On our Insurance Network Service (INS) platform, we connect insurance companies’ capacity to underwrite and carry risks, directly with end-consumers’ needs and capacity to buy simple health and life insurance covers.

Leveraging our franchise model of standardized technology-, contracts- and commercial frameworks, we cede the operation and scaling of a national marketplace to national DDFinance units. DDFinance Kenya is our first and blueprint national franchisee. Its growth can be followed in real-time at https://status.ddfinance.com/metric.

The franchise model is built for global scaling; At investments of USD 1,2 million each, new national insurance marketplaces and distribution systems will be built to profitability, by methodically deploying the DDFinance and DDFinance Kenya  Business Frameworks and Partner Ecosystem, including:

The Collective-Based Insurance (CBI) concept
The Insurance Platform as a Service (IPaaS) cloud-to-phone-based digital platform
The Micro-learning digital platform
The standardized contracts and commercial frameworks
The Pan-African and global technical partnerships
The Pan-African and global teaching and distribution partnerships
The Pan-African and global business service provider partnerships