Affordable and Accessible Products

"We never knew insurance would come to people like us,
but we trust it because you paid out one of the clients who lost her son"
Group Leader, Embu​


Poverty alleviation is the key purpose of DDFinance’s work on demonstrating for the global insurance industry how to profitably include low-income majority populations into competitive and balanced formal insurance markets.

The products are designed to be simple and easy to understand. The simplicity provides for commodity-like standard products where;

1. price is the key decision factor for potential customers, and 

2. the lowest price determines which insurance company underwrites the insurance products.

The products are end-to-end operated on the digital platform from purchase and payments to claims decision and settlement based on customer interactions on simple or smart mobile phones.


The DDFinance market system delivers products on three different levels:

1. DDFinance AS provides digital insurance marketplace infrastructure to its national franchisees

2. DDFinance franchisees’ operate the marketplace infrastructure in its national market and provide customers access to low-cost health insurance products

3. The first Franchisee, DDFinance Kenya, currently distributes the combined Life and Hospital Cash insurance product to consumers in Kenya

The digital insurance marketplaces integrate with public and private third-party ecosystems and third-party platforms.

The combined insurance product, Life Cash and Hospital Cash, enabled in the Kenyan market is currently underwritten by CIC Life Assurance Ltd.

Insurance Platform as a Service

The insurance market system is at its core managed on a proprietary Insurance Platform as a Service (IPaaS) platform.

Life and Hospital Cash

DDFinance Kenya, distributes the combined Collective-Based Insurance (CBI) product, Life and Hospital Cash to the low-income population.