Our All-inclusive IPaaS Sets You Ready To Succeed

Digital Training of Agents and Customers

A learning management system (LMS) is included in IPaaS where agents and customers gain knowledge by completing courses on the pre-underwritten products. This replaces or reduces physical training of agents and customers. The LMS offers the following;

E-learning platform where agents register and take mandatory courses on standard insurance product designs. The courses are simplified using videos, texts and pictures.
Customers can access the e-learning platform as an FAQ.
The e-learning application allows performance monitoring by administrators and it awards scoring and grades after completion of courses.
Digital Evaluation and Certification of Agents

The certification feature of the Learning Management System provides the following;

Agents are awarded with a Certificate of Completion after meeting the requirement of the course.
Certificates have a validity period of one year where holders must retake courses to renew.
The Certificate of Completion awards the holder to train customers on the Collective Based Insurance.
Instant Payment of Correct Commission to Agents & Distribution Channels

IPaaS is seamless and performs all administrative functions in a single system.

Administrators have an overview of all sales and revenues.
The system is able to auto calculate commissions, followed by disbursement to either partner accounts or to individual agents.
Reports on all transactions can be viewed and also extracted into other formats.
Customer Support

We provide a state-of-the-art scalable contact centre.

Answering customer questions and providing information on products and services.
Contact is made through Direct calls and WhatsApp Messaging.

Claims Decision

Our Claims handling is built on a flexible workflow, dashboard, and role design. The platform uses analytics to detect fraud, assess risk, and expedite claims processing, reducing operational costs and improving customer satisfaction. The platform is able to deliver the following;

Harvest required data for claims decisions.
Automation in claims handling based on pre-set rules agreed upon with the underwriter for our respective standard risk product designs.
Unique no-cost data capture capability, by collecting data directly from customer interactions within informal social networks. The data drives the company’s cost-effective automation of the insurance work-flow, including the claims decision process.

Real-time Reporting

The insurance platform gathers data for users immediately and allows them to view and access important data as soon as it happens. Data like sales, claims request are all available.

Extensive 24/7 real-time reporting including claims lodged/pending/declined/paid as well as continuous estimation of correct risk pricing of any insurance cover or each part of bundled covers.
We provide Access Control to customers and they decide how to share it.
Users may access this data through an online portal or our App and it's available with the most up-to-date information at all times.

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