Vibeke Vikingstad

Lighthouse MASSIV Grand Finale

For the last few months DDFinance has been participating in Mastercard’s Lighthouse MASSIV programme. On the 25th of February we could announce that we were 1 of 5 fintech companies selected for the programme. Lighthouse MASSIV is dedicated to find and scale the next impact unicorn. We have had the…
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An amazing consultant

There is a lot happening at DDFinance nowadays. We now have 15 employees, and for a couple of weeks we also had the pleasure of borrowing a wonderful consultant for our team.  Samantha Roblin has worked for us over the past three weeks, and it was a pleasure! Roblin is…
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Solving the Affordability Crisis

What holds the insurance industry back from widespread servicing of the much larger low-income segment in developing markets, is a lack of data. Emerging and informal economies operate upon well-established community and society networks of trust and reputation. The ability to capture these relationships and apply analysis upon the result leverage this behaviour…
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